Seismic Programme

Following the successful corehole programme, which confirmed the presence of an active petroleum system in Piedra Sola a 597 kilometre 2D seismic programme commenced in July 2014 and was successfully completed on the 30thOctober 2014 over both concessions.

The programme, which commenced in early July, was designed to help define potential targets in between previously drilled coreholes and to provide insight into the scope and scale of the resource.

Seismic operations were undertaken by Panamerican Geophysical Company Ltd and conducted primarily on public roads. Community support was widespread with more than 200 landowners providing access to their land.

Interpretation of the data not only revealed obvious geological structuring and identified a deeper, previously unknown basin in the Salto concession but was able to confirm the presence of a Devonian source rock section across both concessions. Notably it also identified 20 conventional structural targets with many at relatively shallow depths. A very encouraging outcome for future programmes was also the quality of data that could be acquired through the up to 1000m of basalt that overlies the exploration blocks in parts.

Uruguay Seismic Video